Welcome to Tai Chi Globe!

Hello and a warm welcome to Tai Chi Globe.  Tai Chi Globe is my work of passion, and I am so excited you’ve joined me here.  There’s so much to tell you in the coming months.  I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Let’s start by giving you a quick walk-through what’s already here and still to come. 

What is Tai Chi Globe?

Tai Chi Globe delivers unique services and insights into the world of tai chi and qigong.  Whether you’re curious about tai chi and qigong, a beginner to the advanced student or an instructor, I aim for Tai Chi Globe to be useful to you.

The Vision of Tai Chi Globe

Tai Chi and Qigong are powerful and transformative.  While the benefits are wide-ranging, the subject is deep, misunderstood and to some, seemingly inaccessible.  It needn’t be the case.  And it shouldn’t be the case at this critical time in human history. 

Tai Chi Globe seeks to make the world of tai chi and qigong accessible by providing rich content to inform it’s readers.  To do this, I will work collaboratively with instructors, masters, schools and students from around the world. 

Tai Chi Globe In Service To You

In addition to content-rich articles, newsletters and competitions, a range of services is on offer.

Tai Chi Globe Academy
Do you live or work in the Aylesbury Vale district, in England?  Tai Chi Globe is delighted to offer it’s own tai chi school, the Tai Chi Globe Academy.  The academy offers warm and friendly tai chi and qigong beginners classes, private tuition, demos and workshops with a qualified instructor.

See our Introduction to Tai Chi Globe Academy for details.

For tai chi and qigong instructors and schools:
Are you a tai chi or qigong instructor?  I am a copywriter trained by the American Writers & Artists Inc.  I understand how to create engaging content to market your classes and events.  Much more will follow soon about this.  If you wish to discuss your requirements in the meantime, learn how to contact me here.