Tai Chi Academy in Aylesbury This Autumn

Thanks for checking out the Tai Chi Globe Academy!

Tai Chi Globe Academy is a new tai chi and qigong school.  If you live or work in or around the Aylesbury Vale district, England, the academy offers you beginners classes, private tuition, demos and workshops.

About the classes

The classes are ideal for complete beginners.  We provide a relaxed and friendly environment for students to learn and enjoy all the benefits Tai Chi and Qigong has to offer us. 

The exercises are suitable for all ages and provide a range of health benefits.  Regular and correct practice of Tai Chi and Qigong helps you to:

•            Relax and feel better about yourself
•            Boost your immune system
•            Recovery from illness and injuries
•            Improve balance and coordination
•            Loosen the joints reducing aches & pains
•            Improve posture and alignment
•            Improve health and longevity
•            Promotes healing and speeds recovery

Each beginners class is £8 (cash or card) on a pay as you go basis and wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.  

Currently one class occurs every Friday at the Multicultural Community Centre in Aylesbury.  It starts promptly at 4:30 pm for one hour.

More classes and a range of membership options will follow soon.

A map to the Multicultural Community Centre is below: